About Me

The Life of a Studio Potter

About 18 years ago I left the profession of teaching to pursue a dream of being a full time studio potter. I love being involved in every step of the pottery making process. From designing, making, throwing, glazing, firing, all the way to finishing each and every piece. Every piece of pottery touches my hands dozens of times during this process. In other words, If I don’t personally do it, it doesn’t get done. Although, sometimes I wish I had a bunch of minions that would take over for me when I go to bed.

Over the years I’ve sold my pottery at hundreds of art and craft festivals around the western US. I’ve also had my pottery for sale in over 80 different art galleries around the country. I recently stopped selling my pottery wholesale because I missed talking and communicating directly with the wonderful people who were buying my pots.

I also enjoy making the morning commute of 20 feet to my ceramic studio located on my property. Traffic jams are never an issue for me! Sometimes the hours and days are long, but I absolutely love what I do. I feel fortunate that I’m able to make a living and support my family doing something I love.

I love the challenge that comes from making functional pottery. If it doesn’t serve a purpose in the house or around the kitchen, you probably won’t find it in my shop. Many of my pots, such as my happy little sponge holders and egg separators, fill a unique little niche in the world of useful pottery. You just can’t help but smile when you look those goofy little faces. I take great pride in my work and only the absolute best I can offer goes out the door. I love offering handmade functional pottery to my customers and friends.

All Items are fired to stoneware temperatures and are food safe, microwave safe and dishwasher safe. In other words, their made to be used.